Just a small craft with little mechanisms. 

Use the board to catch eyes.


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Are you doing alright, Cooper? Not that I don't appreciate the attempt to give this game a sort of nihilistic attitude, but I think it's a pretty big jump to go from preventing eggs from reaching the edge of a circle to staring down the meaningless of life. Sure, we're bound to go through boring, repetitive cycles from time to time, and it's bound to come to an end, but living is more than a tedious burden (a major difference between "Eyes" and our lives is that it won't end without our input). Even now, in the midst of a low point in our history, we can still support each other, make new discoveries, and improve ourselves. We have an eternity to be dead, but only this tiny slice of time to exist and experience the world. Isn't that something special?

Anyway, I really admire the way that you decided to present this concept, even if it didn't totally resonate with me. The bait and switch from the initial pitch to the actual game is properly surprising, and the lingering "End" button in the corner hovers ominously the entire time. Other commenters have mentioned this, but I appreciate the way that the player's score and maximum combo worked their way into the finale. Great stuff overall, I just hope you haven't adopted this philosophy yourself.


Wow, the end page is Epic. I also like the way you subtly include the score in the end page. After reading the end page I feel like everything in this game is meaningful and intentional,  therefore there is no way to give any critic for any aspect of this game. My only suggestion is to adjust the ui so it's can fit into the window. When I'm not in the full screen mode, some of the text doesn't show up. And when I full screen, it feels like the size of the ui doesn't affect by the size of the screen. Other than that, I really enjoy this game and my meaningless life. Great work!


I agree completely with what the result screen said, and that is why I choose to end my life after writing this comment. My only suggestion before doing so is to not let the player control when to end(or some other form of restriction) . I think by further restricting the player he will feel even more helpless.


Dang, Cooper. You really got me there. I was sitting there playing the game, listening to Shooting Stars, then I see the end screen and now I'm learning about the futility of life. Crazy stuff. It was a little unclear what I was supposed to do at first, but I started to understand soon enough. Maybe there could've been some more feedback when the small objects hit the border of the playfield, like a sound or explosion? I think it was neat how after reading the essay on philosophy, you still showed me my score, really clever, I wanted to go back to see how much more I could keep up my meaningless nonsense. Thanks for the existential crisis, Cooper!