A downloadable game for Windows

Inspired by Chinese Taoist Exorcism, Epitaph 1997 is a blend of Eastern Horror and thrilling combat. 

The protagonist is a police detective as well as a Taoist priest. Utilize both crime knowledge and Taoist craft to solve the mystery and exorcise the ghost.

The whole game is made by Team Meteorologists, which is a group of student game developers from NYU Game Center.  

Team Members: Cooper Yang, Ivory Xu, Lynn Jiang, Alex Guo, Harry Gao, Hank Feng, James Yuan, Xinyue Zhang. 

*Current Build is a demo of Epitaph 1997. For the demo, you will need an Xbox controller to play the game. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


epitaph_showcase2_win.zip 495 MB

Install instructions

For Mac users, use "option + right-click -> open" to open the game. 


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