Arrow Keys and Space Bar.

May this game calm you down.

(I don't know why the camera is not working in the builds. I've upload the playthrough below.)


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Oh man, I wished I would've been able to play your game!

The environment and environment effects are super well-done, and does  fantastic job of showing me that I am in the mountains.

But just some suggestions; maybe trying adding specific landmarks and landscape details (like a bundle of trees, or a lake) to really define the space, and make it more interesting to explore!

Great job!

I feel sorry that we are unable to actually play your game, because I really like your visuals and the mood you are creating in your playthrough. I really like the cloud and the mountain's effect and I am really wondering how you did this. For suggesstion, I don't have much of feedback since I am not able to actually play it, but I think it would be good if there's a speed change, like the speed would slow down when you turn and become faster when you go down, so it feels more natural, now the movement like of looks like a plane or a droit. Overall, I like the style a lot and I am hoping that maybe you can fix the build problem in the future!

Hey! I wasn't able to get the game working but I watched the playthrough and basing this on the video. It looks and sounds great! The cloudy atmosphere really seems to communicate effectively how high this eagle is flying. In terms of feedback I'd want to see some more environments, maybe some planes and grasslands or maybe flying over a town could be cool. Great work! 

Hi Coop, I think there is a problem with your link. When I click on it, it says "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page". And it's interesting that the link says Youtube but it's actually a Vimeo video. I'll watch your playthrough if the link works for me. - Frank

It's fixed now, thanks for letting me now